“Ouch!. My back hurts… again!”

It is said that 80% of people will experience back pain at some point during their lives. Back and neck pain is a common cause for many employees to be absent from work and the result of billions being spent each year by medical aids, compensation funds and patients themselves. This pain can often go away within a short time by itself, but if it lasts longer than 3 days or is a result of an injury, rather see a medical practitioner or physiotherapist. Pain that lasts longer than 3 months is being described as chronic and severe, chronic pain can make you depressed, feel useless and tired.

With proper assessment, a physiotherapist that did a post-graduate specialized course in spinal problems, will often be able to pick up the cause of your pain. X-rays, MRI and CT-scan’s might support that diagnosis. Although these tests sometimes show specific pathology, that pathology might not necessarily be the reason for a patients’ pain at that specific moment in time. It is crucial that this proper assessment is done for the therapist to be able to give the correct advice, treatment and exercises. Remember that you can sometimes feel worse after a physio session. The feedback of you, the patient, is very important for the physio to explain the result of the treatment and to adjust the treatment accordingly in order for you not to stay sore after every session.

At Woodhill Intercare, Pretoria, the presentation of The Spine School might give you a lot of insight into your pain and how you can become the controller of your pain, instead of the pain controlling your life. This presentation consists of a once-off lecture on the basic anatomy, possible injuries, the symptoms thereof, possible medical treatment as well as ergonomic tips for home, office and leisure times on how to take care of your spine. If you empower yourself with knowledge on taking care of your spine, staying pain free does not need not cost you an arm and a leg. The Spine School teaches you to not live with your pain, but to live pain free in spite of the problem. This lecture can also be presented at your company.

Bookings for the Spine School can be made at the Woodhill Intercare Physiotherapy department on 012-9980425.

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  • Amanda Bekker

    Riette, you are the best physio!! Thank you for treating my daughters’ sport injuries effectively, efficientlly and with perfect timing. A six week injury was done with within 2 weeks. And all the other injuries also diagnosed and treated on point!! I highly recommend Riette Landman, always up to date with new techniques, technology and staying brilliantly informed! Amanda Bekker


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