1. Must I be referred by a doctor to see a physiotherapist?
    You do not need a referral letter from a doctor to see a physiotherapist. The physiotherapist and doctor often work as a team to make sure you get the best possible treatment and your physiotherapist will refer you back to your doctor if necessary.
  2. Does my medical aid cover physiotherapy?
    Please confirm with your medical aid that your plan covers out of hospital physiotherapy and that funds are available.
    Some medical aid options do require an authorization number before you receive physiotherapy.  You obtain this number from your medical aid.
  3. How long is a treatment session?
    Treatment time varies from 15-120 minutes depending on the condition. Follow-up treatments are generally booked for 30 minutes, but the physiotherapist will determine how much time is necessary during your first assessment.
  4. How long in advance should I phone for an appointment?
    We will always try to offer an appointment on the same day or within 24 hours. If an appointment is not immediately available we also have a cancellation list and will contact you as soon as an appointment becomes available on the day that you have requested.
  5. What should I wear?
    The injured/painful area should be visible to the physiotherapist during assessment and you may be asked to remove certain articles or clothing for this purpose.

Physiotherapy Frequently Asked Questions