“Riette, you are the best physio!! Thank you for treating my daughters’ sport injuries effectively, efficientlly and with perfect timing. A six week injury was done with within 2 weeks. And all the other injuries also diagnosed and treated on point!! I highly recommend Riette Landman, always up to date with new techniques, technology and staying brilliantly informed!” Amanda Bekker

“Other physios used to only treat my symptoms and that either did not take away my pain, or did not solve the problem.”

“This is the first time somebody spent the time to explain to me how to help myself and to manage my pain, because I now nothing will actually take away the injury.”

“This is the first time that a physio could actually tell me what the cause of my problem is”.

“You taught me how to manage my pain in such a way that I do not need to come for physio treatment all the time.  I can help myself. I do not have pain anymore! Thank you!”


As you can hear, the aim of the treatment is as follows:

  • To evaluate you, the patient, in a holistic way. By doing this, we can determine what the origin of your problem is.
  • Once the origin of the pain / problem is determined, this will be explained to you in such a way that you will understand why the specific treatment is applied to you.
  • A customized treatment program will be started during the first or second treatment, depending on how long the evaluation takes.
  • Treatment programs sometimes changes, depending on how you react to each treatment. It is important that you experience relieve as soon as possible.

Success of the treatment is because of the patient-physio team working together to resolve the problem. All our patients that do get better, and stay better, are those that understand their problem and do their part of the teamwork, e.g. exercises and home tasks.


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